First bank FCB System The entrance of security box

First Bank of Taiwan is one of the larger banks in Taiwan.  In 2014, it added 1M IP cameras at the vault entrance of all its branches in Taiwan for monitoring and face and motion detection, recording and saving the customer transactions.
The hybrid system consists of the existing analog cameras, video capture cards and 1M IP cameras.
iSurveillance provides a customized website interface to integrate web UI and the internal login page of the bank to improve convenience for its bank employees.

iSurveillance service

  • Provide server based with windows server OS 2012、36TB storage external.
  • Provide iSurveillance live and recording
  • Provide a customized websites of iSurveillance UI
  • Adopt existing analog system upgrade to digital system and new 1M IP Cameras are available at the entrance of security box
  • Centrally manage all of the devices and playback in First bank headquarter.
  • Provide weekly system log report