Provincial Highway Number 18

Within Chiayi's Alishan Provincial Highway #18, this section is located hillside, and has bad safety records. Cars often cross the double yellow line, so the authority attempts to record the videos of cars in violation and uses them as the supporting evidence in the event of accidents caused by the vehicles in violation. iSurveillance provides solution by placing 6 devices, including 2M IP camera, speed dome of AXIS brand at the two sections located at 39K and 78K. iSurveillance system provides real-time live and recording,in which 2 cameras detect the Vehicle line-crossing, 2 identify license plates recognition and 2 speed dome perform cruise lives.

iSurveillance service

  • Provide iSurveillance live and recording、IVA
  • Placing IP Cameras adopting 2.8mm-8mm Lens for vehicle line crossing、12.5mm-50mm Lens for LPR application.
  • Provide reserve files for save images and recording.
  • Filtering snapshots if have the same one, ensure in keeping with LPR and vehicle line crossing.