About iSurveillance

iSurveillance is a comprehensive intelligence video management system developed in 2011. With the growing convenience of transportation and technology development, the world demands more security equipment. As a result, iSurveillance was born and became a solution provider. No matter if it's about system development or customization according to client needs, the product capability and quality all earn customer recognition.

iSurveillance is trusted by customers in its ability to establish a security management system in the projects that involves the government, education and financial institutions. The system not only can be used for the surveillance of financial institutions, retails and warehouses but also the monitoring of traffic, disasters and buildings and communities. The range of application is wide and the products are diverse.

We have an excellent research and development team that is committed to improving technology and capacity innovation. The IVA application of iSurveillance allows the video analysis and identification to be adopted in various fields. The system is working toward H.265 compression, looking forward to meet the demand for high-quality and low-bandwidth.

With the business booming, we expect not only the success in the Taiwan market but also the international expansion. We are working on exploring oversea distributor partnership to become a global NVR leading brand which is the ultimate goal of iSurveillance.

In the future we will continue integrating more equipments to become the best third-party integrator. We provide competitive intelligence and surveillance management system to help clients obtain competitive advantages, and we gain an important position in the field of surveillance.