iSurveillance is your choice.  No matter if it's IP solution or hybrid (analog and digital) or upgrading the existing analog cameras to the IP system, the users can use this software to meet their requirements.
iSurveillance not only can include video servers, but it can also integrate video capture card to allow the flexibility of multi-channel analog cameras, not limited by the channel limitations of stand-alone NDVR.  Through this system architecture, you can understand further how iSurveillance can be effectively used in various environments.

Main features

  • Authority manage organization
  •  Intelligent video Analysis
  • Events search、Events snapshot
  • UI remotely (NVR AP/Web client) / Backup remotely
  • APP iOS/Android
  • Supported 64 channels in 1(monitor) / 128 channels in 4(monitor) Local side Remote side(NVR AP/Web client)
  • Supported multi-brands camera / Video Server
  • Supported ONVIF protocol
  • Supported capture card (Hybrid DVR)
  • Alarm voice


  1. Education
  2. Warehouse
  3. Casino
  4. Transportation
  5. River
  6. Banking
  7. Retail