• Q01 : Why iSurveillance .UI can’t login?
    1. Please ensure the account / password is correct, admin / 1qaz@WSX is for default one,pay attention while you are caps lock.
    2. Please ensure the IP address of server is correct, the server meaning the PC it has been completed iSurveillance software installation, not meaning the PC installation for iSurveillance.UI only.
    3. Please ensure the iSurveillance.Authority has been available in iSurveillance system.

    4. Please ensure the network is available between the NVR client server and iSurveillance.Authority server
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  • Q02 : The service component of iSurveillance which if be manual to enable, should they note the order in sequence?
    We recommend you please following the below action items to enable each of service component. Enable iSurveillance service by the order in sequence, and recommend you get a buffer time for 5~10 seconds in each of service operation.
    1. iSurveillance.Authority
    2. iSurveillance.DiscoveryService
    3. iSurveillance.EventService
    4. iSurveillance.FileService
    5. iSurveillance.Log
    6. iSurveillance.JobService
    7. iSurveillance.WatchService

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  • Q03 : It is not able to login or the service is always not to be launched?
    Please ensure the 80 port that has been occupied for other service, if it does, please first disable the service then restart all of iSurvaillance services, on the other way, user can query the netstat command to check the occupation port by command prompt.
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  • Q04 : Why iSurveillance .UI can’t open normally (AP occurs error)?
    1. Please ensure the HDD space is full or not enough, this may be lead to iSurveillance.UI crash,inform original-manufacturer while you are facing this issue.
    2. Or you may be already lose the configuration, please be recovery the configuration is needed.
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  • Q05 : Why I can’t add new devices (Both Auto and manual)?
    Please ensure that you have been activated License key on line according to UUID number as through iSurveillance system provided.
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  • Q06 : Product key has been activated succeed, but it still can’t add new devices and servers (Both Auto and manual)?
    1. Please ensure the iSurveillance.Authority has been available in iSurveillance system.
    2. Please ensure the “MYSQL” service is normally working.
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  • Q07 : Without any live streaming list and recording list on Video recording/streaming setup?
    Please ensure the iSurveillance.JobService has been available while you add new device after.

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  • Q08 : Some of devices can’t appear on streaming list?
    1. Please ensure that you enable for live view, and you could return to device view page to confirm the status for live view.
    2. Please ensure the iSurveillance.JobService has workable.
    3. Please return to device view page and re-open the live view job.
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  • Q09 : Why the live view and playback can’t be workable?
    1. Please ensure that the PC has been completed SimDX Runtime.NET4.0 installation and latest version of graphic card driver is available.
    2. Please ensure the configurations of device are correct.(Including credential)
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  • Q10 : Playback complete darkness on UI?
    User may encountered the darkness on UI when playback the footage, please following below steps:
    1. The default record path is located in D drive, please ensure that D drive is available, if yes, please following the record path as IISIMedia folder is out there, try again on playback from UI.

    2. As item 1, D drive is unavailable, please return on server configuration set up page and switch the record path on which is available as (E:) or (F:).
      switched the path
    3. As item 2, please ensure the IISIMedia has been in adjustment record path, and try again on playback from UI, your footage will be successfully to play.

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  • Q11 : How to search IP cameras in LAN?
    Please have to be Device view page→Server→ right-click Device discover, then it will search the IP
    cameras information in LAN, however, please enter the IP address and account/password of the IP cameras.

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  • Q12 : How to get playback and how many channels to active simultaneously?
    1. Please click Playback page on iSurveillance.UI , then choose the devices you want to execute, click play button and system will playback.
    2. iSurveillance does not have limitation of channels for playback, but it still depend on
      performance of hardware.
    3. iSurveillance web client has 4 channels playback simultaneously rationing only.

    Web client:
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  • Q13 : I only have 16 ch available in iSurveillance use, how can I add extra channels for using?
    You need purchase License key and make activation again, by this step the channel quantity will be added that you could use.
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  • Q14 : If I want iSurveillance VMS allow me to use IVA function, do I need to buy License key to activate?
    Yes, if you’d like to let the camera(channels) can using IVA function, you are going to purchase the License key , and after make activation succeed that allow you to execute the IVA function on channel.
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  • Q15 : Which brands of IP Camera can iSurveillance VMS supported?
    You have to be download page to download our camera supported list, basically iSurveillance VMS will have integrating with more and more IP camera models continually.
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  • Q16 : Where and how to make activation License key into my iSurveillance VMS?
    Please link to http://isurveillance.iisigroup.com/Account/Login
    • Register
    • Sign in and click your account
    • Serial number activate and License key download
    • Serial number activate
    • Software Serial number and UUID then click ok
    • The website will appear your all information, and click Download
    • Check the License key has been saved in your computer successfully.
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  • Q17 : How to import the License key in my iSurveillance VMS?
    Please following the below path,
    1. System→Product key verification
    2. Before the user import the License key, user may download the license_xxx.key from website and now can click import License key button to do activate.
    3. Refresh the page after you did activated.
    4. Product key will successful appear available channel information.
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  • Q18 : Why the web browser can’t monitor live view
    Please ensure that the PC has been completed Adobe Flash Player installation.
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  • Q19 : Which browser supports iSurveillanceVMS?
    iSurveillanceVMS supports IE11、Chrome、Firefox
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  • Q20 : It does install the Visual Studio 2015 C++ but happens the error code (0x80240017) in Windows7 Embedded aad OS.
    It lack of a Microsoft pack in Windows7 embedded OS, so please have install additional
    Windows6.1-KB2999226-x64 or Windows6.1-KB2999226-x86.
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  • Q21 : Add AXIS device with ONVIF compliance, the live view can’t be displayed successful.
    e.g: The default RTSP URL
    User has to modify the URL example from onvif-media to axis-media
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  • Q22 : It will escalate the memory rate issue while getting live view on VMS
    Please choice the YUV420 option at decode format in UI option.
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  • Q23 : If the device manufacturer is not list on camera supported list, could it still work?
    User is able to choice the IISI option and have a camera with the URL, but unfortunately the PTZ function can’t be controlled.
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  • Q24 : DiscoveryService can't work at all?
    This is due to software having the installation with Authority service and NVR service at the same authority server for running, in case the IP address will be changed occasionally, you may going to set the IP address correctly. 1. The image shows how to adjust current IP address from previous one. 2.iSurveillance.JobService/iSurveillance.DeviceService/iSurveillance.EventService are suppose to adjust current IP address at the service contents(service name:.exe) in Authority server.
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