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iSurveillance VMS with ImmerVision Enables

iSurveillance Video Management Software(VMS) is certified ImmerVision Enables, this means that the end-user can implement panomorph 360° camera which is tested and certified as compatible with ImmerVision enables optical technology, the most flexible and advanced 360-degree viewing standard. Navigation tools within the iSurveillance VMS provide the ability to conduct immersive exploration in both of live view and playback mode.

Panomorph 360-degree video technology has become globally popular in security applications because end-users demand the ability to view situational circumstances, live or recorded, without blind spots. Panomorph images can be displayed in individual, quad or perimeter views with digitally controlled pan, tilt and zoom (digital PTZ), all de-warped from the same camera. Therefore, end-users can easily explore every aspect of the scene, increasing the diversity of views and improving efficiency and confidence during investigations.

iSurveillance+ImmerVision Enables flyer